“Stitches” is a British black-comedy horror film created by the mind of Connor McMahon (Fangoria’s gorezone-”Dead Meat”).  The story takes place in the English country-side where a clown named Stitches (Ross Noble) takes on a kid’s party to earn some money. When the kids make fun of him and call him names the party turns into a big mishap.

Stitches’ comes back from the grave to exact revenge for what the kids did to him. Ross Noble, who is a British comedian, gives a commanding performance as Stitches.  He uses his comedic attributes to bring him alive and make even the goriest parts of the film humorous. “Is everyone HAPPY?”

This film brings back the old school style of horror films, such as “Nightmare on Elm Street,” and shows you that not all horror films has to feel realistic.  The movie is crude, slapstick, and overall entertaining.  Watch out Freddy Krueger there is a new funny man in town.   

-Cole Long


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