“Would you rather kiss Iris or Would you rather kiss Linda?… is this what the game is about? Kissing? .. No, I got more in store for you,”  The movie “Would You Rather” is your typical horror film but with a surprise ending that leaves you stunned.  Directed by David Guy Levy, it stars Brittany Snow (“Pitch Perfect”, “Prom Night”) and John Heard (“Home Alone”). Snow plays Iris, a young woman who is taking care of her terminally ill sick brother. To try to make ends meet, she finds a guy that is willing to help her out by paying his doctor bills and getting him treatment. Unannounced to her, this aristocrat has sadistic plans. A gathering that is supposed to consist of wine, a three-course meal, and laughter turns into a game to stay alive. “Would You Rather” is a fun, slow thrill ride that leaves you wanting more. Even at some of the “worst” scenes, you are cheering on the contestants and hoping that the “game of life” is on their side.  Levy does a good job building up the suspense, and making you cringe. Up until the mouth-dropping ending, you are breathless. 

-Cole Long 

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