The short film “Legitimate,” directed by an up-and-coming female director name Izzy Lee, is a story that conveys female empowerment. The audience is first introduced to a senator that goes into a strip club. What he gets is a woman in bondage and well you know a seductive strip tease. In the end, the senator gets what he came for, but leaves with something a little less than what he bargained for.  From start to finish Lee creates an atmosphere that leaves the audience drooling and wanting more. Stylistically she hit the nail on the end. Each sequence is set up for the last shot to leave the audience thinking, “Did that just happen?” and once you come to that realization she jerks the audience back into reality. I recommend this short for anyone that loves the horror genre! It has everything that the genre needs in the modern society: it is unique, well written, and well directed/casted.  It does not follow the clichés of horror films and it easily makes it way into the revenge sub genre (which is coming full force).  This is someone that we need to keep an eye out for! 


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