In this horror anthology, directors from all over the world come together to make 26 shorts for this one film called the “The ABCs of Death”.  The film produce directors such as Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police, Suicide Club), and Xavier Gens (Frontier(s),  Hitman). One thing this movie does an outstanding  job at is capturing the different genres of horror.

Xavier Gens short “XXL”, he captures the typical horror and “gore” factor in which he is known for.  In the short,  he shows a young woman who is on the “bigger” side.  Gens conveys in the beginning that people make fun of this woman for her image. With subtle images of beautiful, thin woman,  Gens shows that this woman will go through drastic measures to fit in with society and have the “perfect image”.

In the short “Pressure” by  Simon Rumley, he shows the not so “in your face” horror that comes with when people are under pressure.  Rumley shows a mother who wants everything for her children. Putting away money for a bike for her little girl’s birthday present,  you get a feeling that this woman really wants to make this one birthday special.  With some turn of events, the money disappears. In the end, Rumley shows this mother doing whatever she could to get that money back.

This movie leaves you with a feeling of dread, did that just happen?, and what did I just watch?.  Since “Creepshow” (1982), an anthology has never been so clear about what emotions that the directors wanted to get out of their audience. From the cinematography, direction,  and well done acting jobs. The producers Ant Timpson and Tim League nailed this one.  

-Cole Long


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